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Our story started in a small arch cellar in 1989, in Velka Maca. We were three friends who were united by their love of good wine.

During the first years, we made wine from grapes harvested by our hands from our own vineyards. Gradually, throughout the following years, our enthusiasm was growing along with our desire to experiment and expand our range of products for the constantly expanding circle of satisfied customers who purchase our wine.

Due to the fast-growing volume of production, the capacity of the original cellar as well as of our own vineyard area didn’t suffice, and that’s why we decided to found VINO MAHID Company and build a modern viticulture facility, not far away from the original cellar.
While we were choosing the name of our wine company, we were inspired by the history of our municipality, Velka Maca, given our strong ties to this village. MAHID is one of the first historic names of our municipality.

Velka Maca is situated in the South Slovakian viticultural region, which is located in the southernmost and the warmest part of Slovakia. Vineyards are planted in quality loess hills of the Danubian lowland. They guarantee excellent conditions for the growth of vine for our wines. Thanks to this great combination of quality ingredient and the most modern technology, we reach the level of high quality wine. The superb quality of our wines is also reflected by the highest awards from Slovakia as well as from abroad. In 2017, our wines became a part of the National collection of wines of the Slovak Republic for the first time.

Since the beginning we have always followed our motto:

Feel free to visit and allow us to convince you of the unique taste of our wines, not only in our company but also in wine shops, restaurants and regular shops.


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